About Us

Welcome to our website.

Happy Hound Cards is a publisher of high quality handmade greeting cards. 

Our website is to showcase our current card design ranges, and all of these greeting cards are available for you to buy on line, individually or in quantities.

For trade customers :  please contact us directly, to find out if your retail location is open to new stockists (as we only have one stockist of our range in each town),at the same time we can discuss designs, quantities, trade price and deliveries.

As our name suggests, most of our greeting card designs are centered on dog greeting cards, designed to past requests for cute or funny dog card designs. However, as humour is personal, and often what one person thinks is funny, another will not be amused.

For this reason, we have included all our dog designs - so you may, we hope,find a card or cards that suit your occasion.

All our cards have been designed by ourselves with the sole intention of bringing a smile.

More recently, to meet our customer requests we have started to add some Cat theme cards to our range. We hope you like these.

Thank you for visiting our website.